Small Groups



At TBC we encourage everyone to be part of a small group. This is a place to connect at a deeper level, build relationships and move on in your journey of faith.

HomegroupsSmall Groups are a place within the community where people meet together to pray, care for one another and study the bible.

Small groups meet across the city at different times of the week:


Monday 10 AM Strangways Terrace Group
Tuesday 7.30 PM Young Adults Group
Tuesday 7.45 PM Trelander Group
Wednesday 10.30 AM Daytime Group
Thursday 7.30 PM Redannick Group
Thursday 7.30 PM Hendra Group
Monthly – Weekend Usually Sunday Afternoon Family Group


Home group members describe the benefits of belonging to a small group…


‘Free to say what is on our mind.


‘Outward looking – encouraging each other to reach out’


‘ small intimate group that is able to encourage one another’


‘Growing together’


‘Hanging out and fellowship’

Our Vision and goals for small groups include the following:

      • ‘To be a safe place where people can be vulnerable and honest with one another and where we can challenge and stretch one another – transparency and accountability.’
      • ‘To be outward facing as well as caring for one another.’
      • ‘To be a resource for practical outworking of what we have learnt in our time together.’
      • ‘That we should all be encouraged on our walk with God’
      • ‘Would like to see the effective prayer from the group implemented and active in, and out of, church’
      • ‘To help people become fully developed followers of Jesus and grow in spiritual maturity’