Freedom In Christ



Many of us within the church have taken part in a Freedom In Christ course, and have found it extremely useful. Below is an introduction to the course from the FIC website. If you click on the banner above, it will take you to FIC Ministries’ page. If you’re interested in signing up for the next Freedom in Christ course at Truro Baptist, drop us a line using the Contact Us page

If you are wondering what the course may be about, and whether it may be for you – the following quotes from unsolicited letters to FIC Ministries:

“I can truly say that, after finding Jesus as my Saviour, entering into the fullness of my spiritual freedom in Christ has been the most significant moment of my life”.

“The release that I felt as years of shame and bondage were lifted from me is hard to describe.  I really do not know what to say – I feel like a human being again!”

The following is from the creators of the Freedom In Christ course, and outlines their motivation in doing so:

“Many Christians act as they think a Christian should act – and find that they simply can’t keep it up.  They either drop out or burn out.  True fruitfulness comes from realising that we became someone completely new the moment we became Christians.  Living out the truth of who we are makes all the difference”.

‘… absolutely nothing and nobody can stop you becoming the person God wants you to be. No circumstance is so difficult, no past event  so terrible, no person so powerful that they can stop you fulfilling everything that God has for you’